On the way to Guigang!

We woke up in China! Yesterday really happened, and tomorrow we’ll find out all about our field work. We jumped out of bed bright and early and caught the next flight to Guigang.

Let’s go to Guigang! Photo by Bai Kamara

Today we also met all the people who will be with us over the next few days: the IKEA Foundation, UNICEF and the National Working Committee on Children and Women (NWCCW). Another full day travelling and thousands more incredible sensations. Our hearts have calmed down and today we gradually managed to understand what’s going on.

Catarina with Nini and Xiaomeng when we arrived at Guigang. Photo by Sabrina Ponte.

Because we spent the whole day travelling, the high point was definitely dinner: WOW! That’s all we could say, WOW! They were waiting for us at the hotel restaurant. An impressive, well-laden, round table. We’d never go hungry in China. The food is wonderful! Believe me. We were ecstatic… After dinner, which was perfect both visually and in terms of flavour, we got together for our first briefing. We were introduced and found out what the plans were for the following days. Bring it on! We’re ready for tomorrow…