One earth, two worlds

It was when the women of Samburu started to dance and sing that I was completely carried to another universe.

Charlie and the women of Samburu. Photo by Elise Rousteau.

We, as IWitness citizens are really grateful for all the emotions provided by the lovely Kenyan people we met, both kids and adults alike.

In another sense, I believe that they were also thankful we were there among them. For everyone present, these moments were something truly unique.

Today, I’ve talked about the weather with a Kenyan woman. As westerner it’s quite an insignificant topic, but when I saw her eyes sparkling when I mentioned snow, I felt that she was truly interested in our conversation, and that she was happy.

During this trip, I believe that both the Kenyan people and I shared a lot of mutual curiosity. What I’ll bring back home with me to France is the loving respect that the pupils have for their teachers and how they are so happy to go to school, even if they have to walk over five kilometres on dust roads and under intense heat, every day. I feel that they truly know that going to school is a chance.

So, if you want to learn and be nourished by others’ differences, you need to keep your mind wide open.

    Charlie George