Our day in Addis Ababa

This day was a very eventful day.

We made a tour in Addis Ababa. On Mountain Entoto (here was the first settlement) we visited 2 churches.

The first church was made by egg shell. We had to take off our shoes then we listened to some interesting stories about 4 apostles, painting methods and meanings – the huge paintings inside the church were made by natural material, for example egg, flowers, plants, and we learned that if somebody on the picture has one eye that is a bad man, if two that’s a good man. Funny thing, there was one painting which represents the devil and they covered it with a picture of Jesus.

Painting of the devil in Mt Entoto church

On the top of the mountain was the other church, called Maryam Church. We tried some instruments, one of those named “djembe”. I don’t like churches, but both were really amazing and had a very good atmosphere.

Maryam Church, Mt Entoto

In the musem we saw the king and his family’s things: clothes, jewels, it was very nice.

Then, about 4 o’clock we started to go have lunch. On this road was “the adventure of the day”. We reached the only section where it was not allowed to take photos because the U.S. embassy was there, but we didn’t see the sign, and Anita took pictures from the car with her camera. And when we passed the soldiers, they saw and stopped our car. It was very frightening becase they had huge guns. One of the soldiers took away Anita’s camera, he checked the picture, deleted it, then took away her passport too.

While we were waiting for the soldier to give back Anita’s passport, the driver told our story to all the people who passed there and everybody was laughing at us, and in 10 minutes we collected a big group 🙂 . After they checked everything we could go away.

After lunch (it is another good story) we wanted to see the National Museum, but it was closed, so we went around in the garden. There was one of the first cars which appeard in Ethiopia.

One of the first cars in Ethiopia

Anita, Sara and Judit in front of historic car

This morning I realized that I forgot at home my cf card reader so I can not upload pictures from my camera…I hope that tomorrow we can solve my problem.

    Judit Kocsis