Our first day in Bangladesh

Here’s a report of our first day in Bangladesh. We arrived at eight o’clock, after a long trip. Jérome from the UNHCR (the United Nations Refugee Agency) welcomed us at the airport with lots of Bangladeshi people who were waiting for us.

The road to our hotel was like going into a funnel with cars, rickshaws, bicycles, and people crossing the road all the time.

DSC_6838 (2)

After meeting the Italian team, we went for a lunch with UNHCR representatives based in Dhaka, the capital of the country, testing local specialties. Then we went to a fair trade market to discover the traditional clothing and fabrics.

DSC_6959 (2)

Then it was time for our meeting at UNHCR headquarters with the director and her staff. They explained to us the situation between the Myanmar and Bangladesh governments, which has resulted in 500,000 refugees, some in a camp and others out in the nature somewhere. These people live in very hard conditions, and the work of all our co-workers in IKEA helps make it possible for UNHCR to continue their work. Our work is very important!

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    Anna Stromberg