Our last project visits in Bangladesh

We are back home in Germany now. While we were still on our trip, my colleague Julia and Anja from Save the Children (who hosted our visit in Bangladesh), wrote this together about the last projects we visited in Dhaka.

An incredibly exciting and moving day lies behind us. We visited two projects directly in Dhaka, a city stuck in between globalisation, slums and construction sites. The capital of Bangladesh has great opportunities for development and we can feel this through the people.

The school we visited in the morning provides basic schooling to the children but also prepares them for the job opportunities which can lead Bangladesh into the future. The focus is on the electronic and mechanics industry, crafts and trades, but also on nursing.
Teenaged boys in Dhaka learn about machinery Regarding the school career at this non-governmental school, the children have the opportunity to go to university after the 12th grade. However, the first priority is to find an apprenticeship for the children once they finish school as the families depend on their children’s income. Therefore it is important that school is compatible with the everyday life as this would otherwise jeopardise the high graduation rate. The success is long-lasting: 95% of the children found a secure job with a regular income after their apprenticeship.
Teenaged girls in a classroom in BangladeshThe second project can also look back on a generally very high graduation rate, 100% this year. We get the chance to directly experience the system of combining school education and vocation training. The highlight of our visit is the performance of the children’s club.

During the traditional dance we are invited to join the children and dive into the crowd. Bright eyes and an absolutely cordial mood wipe our exhaustion completely away. By the time the children are allowed to take pictures with Kai’s camera, the ice is finally broken and everybody is happy and lively. With a heavy heart we say goodbye to the children and the staff in the evening.

Here’s a video: Julia from IKEA on the way back from the second project (vocational training, basic education and children’s club) in Dhaka.

Hi, I’m Julia and we have just visited a school here in Bangladesh. It’s a non-governmental school and we just got out so I’m totally flushed with emotions!

It was a very impressive thing because this school is a combination of a normal school and preparation for jobs so they get educated and vocational training so they are able to do a job later on.

We visited the classes and we visited a children’s club, and that was very impressive because there was really a feeling for me that the kids are really kids. They can influence something. They are doing something next to learning and working. And the kids are really so funny – we danced and laughed and made photos together.

It was a really impressive day for me.

    Kai Hartmann