Our last two days in Bangladesh

After coming back to Dhaka from Cox’s Bazar, we had the pleasure to be received by the Swedish Ambassador, Anneli Lindahl Kenny, at her house.

It was a honour for us to meet her, her husband and two members of her staff. After that, Stina, the UNHCR’s head officer, invited us to a private evening at the Nordic club for a Bangladeshi traditional clothing fashion show. We then said goodbye to Stina, and we went back to our hotel.

blog 07-05 DSCN2628After a good night’s sleep, Alexandra, from UNHCR, brought us sightseeing to old Dhaka and on a boat trip on the river of Dhaka. The water was black with pollution, but people went in the water to wash themselves and even their hair.

07-05 DSCN2624

Then, we visited a very big market: “The new market”. While we were walking around, we found some items produced with IKEA fabrics. We also went to a fresh food market where the fish were still alive and jumping around.

blog 07-05 DSCN2574 (2)

After a full day of new experiences and views, we went back to the hotel to say goodbye to our Italian friends who are leaving in the middle of the night.

07-05 DSCN2591

Now it’s our turn to say goodbye to this fabulous country, filled with traditions, a culture different than ours and also many contradictions. Our minds are now filled with wonderful people, colourful rickshaws, fabulous textiles, and handicrafts. The women have very beautiful clothes, but unfortunately, they have their own social lives, separated from the men.blog 07-05 DSCN2648

We will never forget this trip and the Rohingyan people we met. It taught us to be humble and to understand how we are lucky to be born in France.

Anna, Marie and Julien