Our Soft Toys for Education Campaign meets Children’s basic needs for education

Time passes so fast …….. as we enter the 4th day of our trip.

It is still hard to forget the experiences from Day 2 when we saw how hard daily life is in the Constanta Roma community.

We also cannot forget the moments when we were in Vulcana. The school had prepared various performances with children dressing up like princes and princesses in different costumes as they were singing and dancing. It was a really wonderful experience to see how IKEA Foundation has made a difference to their educational opportunities.

On Day 4, we visited the school Gimnaziala No: 178 and witnessed the ongoing lessons which the children benefitted.

Pizza - by Kit Chesadawut
Pizza – by Kit Chesadawut

IKEA stores around the world participate in the Soft Toy for Education Campaign raising funds to provide education opportunities for children aged from 3-7 years old, improve learning system for poor children and Roma community in Bucharest.

A total of 653 children throughout Romania have benefitted from this program. Contributions channeled by the IKEA Foundation total 1.5 million euro managed by Save the Children, which has been running from 2012 with 2015 being the last year.

Focar!! Focar!! (Focus) - by Hafis Ikmal
Focar!! Focar!! (Focus) – by Hafis Ikmal

We all realized that education and running a school is so much more than having a place to go to, and saw how IKEA customers, co-workers from all around the world contribute, through our Soft Toy for Education Campaign to the very basic needs of education- pencils, books and learning materials.

Lunch time - by Yanti
Lunch time – by Yanti

For the first time, we had lunch together with the children, teachers and representatives of Save the Children. We make full use of this opportunity given to mingle and understand their daily lifestyles.

From Save the Children, we learned that from the funds and support of IKEA Foundation, the school is also able to provide the daily meals for the first two weeks.

Selfie - by Ghazali @ Ghaz
Selfie – by Ghazali @ Ghaz

Since the day we arrived at Romania, we have been well taken care of by Save the Children and  I take this opportunity to say thank you to the Save the Children in Romania, especially Christina Tanase and Diana Stanculeanu.

But the IWitness trip is not about us. It’s about learning and see first-hand how IKEA and IKEA Foundation makes a difference…    For real.

And knowing the great people from Save the Children, and the hard work they are doing in helping these kids getting a bright future, I know that IKEA and IKEA Foundation, customers and co-workers, Save the Children, teachers and parents… all have made a difference. Thank you!

IKEA Foundation Collaboration Program with Save the Children in the aligned Soft Toys for Education Campaign are very helpful in giving light to the children here in charting their future.

    Ahmad Ghazali