Our very first field experience in Kosovo

Today we started the day by visiting the Save the Children headquarters, where we learned how they are working to improve children’s access to education and the challenges they face.

Save the Children is working in 18 schools and 9 municipalities close together with civil society organizations and the whole community, including parents, teachers and children. While Save the Children started working in Kosovo in 1997, the collaboration with the IKEA Foundation began in 2013 as a three-year project that aims to reach 12,000 children in public schools.

After the office visit, we went to Gracanica to visit the Kralj Milutin primary school—our first field trip! This is the first Save the Children project to be implemented inside the schools in the Municipality of Gracanica, predominantly a Serbian-speaking municipality. Up until now, most other organizations have implemented activities outside of the schools.

Lunch at Kralj Milutin Elementary School in Gracanica - By Valid Zhubi
Lunch at Kralj Milutin Elementary School in Gracanica – By Valid Zhubi

When we entered the classroom, the students greeted us with enthusiasm and thanked Save the Children and IKEA for the opportunity to have supplementary classes. We were listening to the children and they explained how important the new supplementary lessons are for them since they started one year ago. Now they are able to read better and to have better grades, becoming better students.

After the first visit, we watched a pre-primary lesson, where the children develop their creativity and artistic expression through learning poems, singing and dancing, and theatre performances. Since it’s almost Easter, children were painting Easter eggs. It was fantastic to see their enthusiasm and happiness. Save the Children was able to provide them with the tools for this class through the funds raised by the Soft Toys for Education campaign. In the end, the children performed a traditional dance, and we danced and clapped hands together.

We are looking forward to seeing the new projects and meeting the children.