Playing is the nature of children

Today is the third day for our IKEA IWitness team visit in Thailand. With our partner, Handicap International (HI), we continue our trip in the camp.

HI provides a safe shelter for all the children to grow up and play. The children are all talents! With their abundant imagination, we co-create a wall painting together.

Parents and their children with IWitness team after toy making. Photo by Apisit Laolumpook (a.k.a. Art) of HI.

Playing is the nature of children. Through drawing, the children can learn what they should do in face of the three typical disasters in the camp: floods, landslide and fire. The kids are very familiar with the local environment, which helps a lot when they draw the pictures. Drawing is an attractive way for them to learn.

Let’s draw it! Photo by Danica Huang.

“Making a toy is good to cultivate the imagination of the children,” says Apisit Laolumpook (Art), Play and Child Development Advisor for HI’s Growing Together programme. “We don’t need expensive materials. We can use plastic bottles and paper cups, which are very common in daily life. The process can promote interaction with parents and friends, which are good for social participation.”

Storytelling using the puppets the parents made. Photo by Danica Huang.

We can teach them a lot of things through games. Children have a lot fun making toys. It is very nice that everyone can make their own toy by using simple materials, which are easily accessible in the camp.

Kids singing led by IWitness team. Photo by Danica Huang.
    Crystal Chen