“Pray for me so I can go home to die”

That was the wish of the 60-year-old Syrian lady we met in a 15-square-metre apartment in Amman.

Syrian woman

“Pray for me so I can go home to die so my children and grandchildren will have a grave to visit.”

She had got trapped in Jordan during a visit to one of her daughters when her husband, a craftsman, was killed in their hometown. She is now living in this little apartment which has a sofa, a few mattresses, few blankets, and the clothes she wore.

After her husband was killed, it became impossible for her and her daughter to return to Syria. They both knew what would happen to them if they crossed the border. She longs for her house in Syria, which used to have a pool and used to be a place where they celebrated Eid. She knew that many windows and doors were broken in the house. The children in Syria told her everything was fine when she talked to them on the phone, but she knew better. The only thing she wants to do is go back to Syria, even if she has to live in the ruins of her house.

This woman, the same age as me, touched me. Her only hope, at the age of 60 years, is to be able to go to Syria again, and die.

“Please pray for me.” 

    Sigbjorn Brun