Radit’s smile – Welcome to IKEA Italy from UNICEF Indonesia

Radit lives in Manggungjaya village, Tasikmalaya, Indonesia District. He’s a boy with disabilities who can’t talk and walk and used to hide his face in shame. But with a help from therapist and local health centre’s cadre, he has begun to change. Radit’s health condition has improved, as well as his self-confidence. He now gets up by himself, moves his hands, and is willing to interact with his friends.

Radit, by Save the Children Indonesia

The number of children in Indonesia with disabilities, like Radit, is underrated and potentially increasing. The Human Development Report 2013 (UNICEF, 2014) estimates that as much as 10-15% of Indonesia’s population is disabled, 4.2 million of whom are children. Children with disabilities are more likely to experience poor health, with limited access to adequate nutrition, clean water and health services. Their lives become even more miserable with discrimination and exclusion from society.

Picture of Radit, by Save the Children Indonesia

The Inclusive Community Development and School for All (IDEAL) project is funded by the IKEA Foundation and implemented by Save the Children in Indonesia. It helps children with disabilities to attain their right to education and protection by developing standards on inclusive education for West Java Province. This includes raising awareness and reducing stigma and discrimination.

Children engaged in a workshop building inclusive education, by Save the Children Indonesia

Radit is one of the children directly benefiting from the programme, which also provides therapy for children with disabilities. When the IWitness team from IKEA Italy visits Indonesia in April 2017, we bet there will be a smile on Radit’s face. For his is a changed life.


    Gita Rinjani