Saying goodbye to Ethiopia

Before I went to Ethiopia, I was afraid of what would happen, if I would experience some of the negative things that the media presents.

Fortunately, it didn’t happen. It was wonderful to get to know the culture of the local people. I saw so much of UNICEF’s work for children. I know the IKEA Soft Toy campaign’s role in this and we can help create better living conditions for people.

It seems to me Ethiopia is a country of extremes. Some things are very nice and work well and some are bad, but it forms a cohesive whole. The people have got simple equipment, but everybody uses their minds.

I was very sad at the airport, because this week passed quickly and I was already missing my new friends. But I know I want to do everything possible to make the next Soft Toy campaign more successful. This is my new goal and now a lot of work fills all my free time, but it makes me happy to know that I can help. 🙂

Anita sits with students in a school
© Katrina Crew

My feelings haven’t changed; perhaps they have strengthened. I now have even more of a feeling for this place and culture. Maybe the real home of my heart is in Bahir Dar and therefore it is difficult now to say goodbye. I wanted to visit Africa and I wanted to know the differences between cultures before the trip. And now I only want to go back to my new home, to the dear people I met.

I hope I will come back and that this wasn’t last encounter with Katrina, Indrias, Solomon and other people who live there. I would like to see this country in 2 or 3 years to see how much develops. What will happen to the kids who I met in the kindergarten?

I say goodbye from you, dear blog readers. Thanks to everyone who has read my notes.

I hope I will sign up again in a few years and the adventure will continue in Bahir Dar, or somewhere else in the world. 🙂


IKEA and UNICEF partners in front of the Blue Nile
© Katrina Crew
    Anita Pap