Six IKEA co-workers are about to visit UNICEF projects in Indonesia

Above from left to right: Krissi (Oldenburg store), Steffi (Wallau store) and Tim (UNICEF)
Below from left to right: Steffen (Berlin-Tempelhof store), Jörk (Bielefeld store), Alex and Christian (Wallau store)

From 29 March, six IKEA co-workers will visit UNICEF projects in Indonesia. They are funded by the IKEA Foundation, the money comes from the “Let‘s Play for Change” campaign, which was running in November and December 2016 in all IKEA stores worldwide.

The co-workers are going to children’s nurseries and pre-schools, they will talk to kids, teachers and parents and will take a lot of photos. In doing so, they will find out how model projects are working and how children’s centres are starting to improve the everyday lives of kids.

You can follow the trip of Alex, Christian, Jörk, Krissi, Steffen and Steffi here and join their experiences.