Taking the boat to visit the school

Early in the morning we left to visit the Iharaka Primary School in
Mahalevona. It would take us 2 days to travel 35 km over land, up to
Mahalevona. With the boat we reached it within 50-min.

Arriving with a boat at the school.
Arriving with a boat at the school

The scholars, parents and community officials welcomed us with singing and dancing on the shore.

Welcome on the beach
Welcome on the beach

The school we visited was built in 2010. The construction conditions of the building, were not really optimal. All the materials for this building, had to be transported by boat and it was built up on a hilly slope above the coast line. The school building had in the past faced some severe cyclones, luckily with no major damages, but the humidity left some tracks on the building´s walls and the roof.

School - by Barbara
School – by Barbara Favento

Philip´s self introduction in German, actually in Styria dialect, impressed all the locals and the whole room burst out in a loud applause. When we asked the children to write their names for us, they couldn’t wait to proudly show us their skills. Once again we were convinced by their enthusiasm, and how important the IKEA Foundation support is for such Educational Projects.

Satali is writing her name on a blackboard - by Barbara Flavento
Satali is writing her name on a blackboard – by Barbara Favento
    Pia Wurmbrand