The final league with more to come

Photo credit: Shaun Ng. At Zheng Jiaping community public service centre at Changsha, Furong District, Hong Xing Street, China

Today (18 November 2016 at 9am) is the final league of our IWitness journey. We started the day visiting an early child development (ECD) centre located at Zeng Jiaping community public service centre at Changsha, Furong District.

The ECD is located within an area where many migrant workers and their families reside when they are working in the city. The total number of children aged zero to three years in this district is 96 children, of whom 35 are migrants’ children.

The centre is located on the upper floor of the public service centre. There is a self-help portal where parents can get information on infants’ and young children’s rearing needs and have their questions and queries answered. This portal has been developed by UNICEF and also has videos on common issues parents may need answers for when caring for their child, such as how to bathe an infant.

Photo credit: Shaun Ng. The self-help portal

After that, we had a tour of the centre where we saw the consistent set of play and activity areas that we have seen in the other two centres we have visited, along with self-made toys and education tools.

Photo credit: Shaun Ng. Play area
Photo credit: Shaun Ng. Self-made toys / art works

At the end of the tour, we had our briefing with our local partner, whom were seen taking notes during the feedback session. Overall, the session showed that our partners, UNICEF China, are continuing to push themselves further with more outreach to those who may not be aware of such programmes and facilities that the centre could offer to parents of young children.


    Shaun Ng