The first moments of our adventure!

Welcome to Africa! The beauty of its landscapes…The faces we discover along the way…Me and my fellow IWitness ambassadors are amazed by what’s happening to us. And it’s only the beginning!

Karibu to KENYA! IKEA and UNICEF together!

The day starts very early and we know it’s going to be a long one, but also a very interesting one! We still have dark rings under our eyes from yesterday’s journey J

We’re expected at the office of our partner UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund

When we reach the premises of the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) we realise that the security protocol to enter is quite strict, something we find reassuring.

Once we’ve gone through this screening, we are greeted by Agnes and Daniel, two members of the UNICEF Kenya office. From the first moment, we can feel a lot of kindness and benevolence from them: they are happy to welcome us and we’re equally happy to meet them!

We’re introduced to the mission and the actions of UNICEF by the deputy representative, Patricia, a charismatic woman who makes us feel comfortable from the start and who leaves us with an encouraging message: be yourself as an IWitness ambassador and above all enjoy and get the most out of this unique experience!

What I will take from this morning’s meeting is that UNICEF is going to really take great care of us! And that they are going to provide us with all we need during the trip from planning to security. This definitively proves how important our partnership is.

Children along the road. Credits: Courtney Kubat-Gely.

Onboard our SUV, we start the journey towards the county of Isiolo, crossing some beautiful landscapes along the way. Our convoy is quite impressive and draws attention from the locals as we go through villages.

We see many kids with their school bags on their shoulders walking alongside the road. Some of them with a blue uniform. Others with a purple one.But the one thing they have in common is this greeting wave that they give us as we pass by them. This moment only lasts for one or two seconds but it brings me plenty of happiness.

To see a smile on their faces fills my heart with joy and it can only foretell great things to come for the rest of this adventure!

    Donia Haddou