The IWitness experience

Hej, blog readers!

Some of you might be familiar with the IWitness programme and all our great blog posts from around the world—or maybe this is your first time visiting our blog. Either way, I want to share this inspiring film about the IWitness experience with you to give you an even better idea what this programme is all about.

Since 2012, 258 IKEA co-workers from 31 retail countries have visited 21 project countries. Being invited to go on an IWitness trip is not only a great honour; it’s also a big responsibility.

IWitness participants become ambassadors for the programme by sharing their experiences with fellow co-workers, friends and family through our blog. Filled with unforgettable memories, our blog features photos, videos and stories of hope and progress from the programmes we fund.

If the stories in this film inspire you, we hope you’ll keep visiting this blog and follow the upcoming trips this year!


    Juli Riegler