The Nansen Awards 2015

Today, we could attend the UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award in Geneva – What a rollercoaster of emotions.

On the one hand SADNESS, when we heard about the refugee crisis all around the world. There are so many families and children being misplaced and growing up under extremely harsh conditions. Often without any kind of education and thus any kind of perspective. 29 million children in conflict zones are out of school today!

During the event

On the other hand HOPE, when we were so fortunate to learn about the engagement of this year’s award winner Aqeela Asifi. Aqeela Asifi, herself a refugee from Afghanistan, is now living in a village in Pakistan. Arriving in that village, she realized that girls were not able to go to school. Against all odds and with a lot of persistency she managed to hold first teaching lessons for girls.

Laureate on stage

Tomorrow morning we meet Aqeela Asifi during breakfast. We will tell you more about her story and achievements in our next post.

Watch this film to learn about her story:




    Lorenz Isler