The power of a smile

A smile is always a beautiful thing that brings people closer. We didn’t know each other, and we had a different background, culture and language, but I felt warmly welcomed by the smiles from Special Olympics Young Athletes. Genuine, without hesitation.

Smile effect. Photo by Myles Chen.

I am supposed to be the one who came and gave something to them. However, I felt that I am the one who was receiving, being educated and touched by their happy faces. What a priceless treasure.

To those who make the children smile – teachers, coaches, schools, Special Olympics, I have been touched by your passion, vision and determination. You are heroes.

Do not underestimate the power of a smile. Little by little, it changes the world to a better place for you and for me. This is what I would love to witness.

Thank you Special Olympics Young Athletes, thank you IKEA Foundation IWitness programme for making me a better me!

Smile effect. Photo by Myles Chen.
    Myles Chen