The spring IWitness trip finally has come

After a hard week, when temperatures dropped below zero degrees in Bucharest and the sun began to get shy in the sky, we, the IWitness ambassadors, prepared for new experiences and meeting new people. We would share for a week a car, and go and see the projects initiated by Save the Children Romania with the support of IKEA Foundation.

Meeting each other. By – Robert Špišić.

The first day started in the lobby of the hotel where we met and went to the Centre for Emotional and Behavioural Education of Children for a meeting with Diana Stanculeanu, the project manager.

After the introduction, we visited one of the primary schools that the IKEA Foundation is supporting through Save the Children Romania. We played together, we laughed, we hugged. I’ve met so many beautiful children with warm hearts. The final goal of the project there is to offer inclusive education for all, especially for children from disadvantaged communities.

Nothing compares to a hug. By – Robert Špišić.

After travelling three hours, we arrived in Cornetu, Vrancea. We saw today in the field that Save the Children Romania, with the support of the IKEA Foundation, is doing a great job here in Cornetu. They organised a summer kindergarten which is a programme for the educational integration of children, especially Roma children. We sang songs about spring and we made butterflies representing the coming of spring.

By – Cristina Tanase

Roma children and children with disabilities are the most vulnerable groups of children in Romania. Most of the children drop out of school because of lack of education among the parents, social issues and departing from the country. However, the children I found in the schools and kindergartens we visited want to continue in the primary school. Their joy when they saw us was indescribable. They received us warmly, we played together and painted the most beautiful drawings.

The most beautiful children I have ever met are the ones who see life in full colour. By – Robu Raisa.The IWitness trip has made me conscious of what it means to be a child—to enjoy the little things that mean a lot for you—as we have forgotten to look back at what has made us big people. The Good Cause Campaign supported by the IKEA Foundation is an important step in the development of these children.

Little things makes you happy. By – Raisa Robu.
    Raisa Robu