There is no different love

Back in Taiwan, I regularly participate in campaigns that give me a chance to teach or interact with children and schools in remote villages. I always love the pure innocence of children. During this campaign, I realized that they don’t want much. Even when we had nothing to give but love, care and company, they responded with joy and smiles. It has been the biggest feedback and motivation for me.

Playing interactive games with children in Qing Shu Ying Primary School was the happiest thing. By Tyra Li.

This time I came to Yunnan with the IWitness team. After long car rides, we reached Weishan, a city of rich culture and history. We learned a lot about inclusive education and visited schools to spend time with the children. Now I am more motivated to take action and do meaningful things. This experience also taught me to see the world from a different angle.

A butterfly cannot be born without breaking through its cocoon. Children with special needs and their parents, and other people around them, have to break the walls in their minds first before being able to explore the world beyond.

Maybe we are all different from each other but love makes us all the same.

Created by children. Picture by Tyra Li.
On the way to visit Da Cang primary school. By Tyra Li.










A street view of Weishan. Picture by Tyra Li.
Lovely Bear, let’s start out for IWitness!! By Tyra Li.





    Tyra Li