Thoughts on our way home from Mozambique

So here we are, on a train home from the airport with baggage filled with a million thoughts and new experiences. One thing that comes to our minds is that it will take at least two generations in Mozambique before we can see a major change in the communities. The change in the way UNICEF helps the schools—it’s no longer just school materials, it’s how to use the materials in the best way, and the focus on education for teachers and the communities will be helpful.

It´s a long and hard battle to get all sides of the community—such as religious groups, social classes, schools, leaders and the people in general—to work together and to see the importance of children’s education.

We have noticed that many adults who work in shops and cafes can’t use simple math: 5-2=?. They need to use a calculator.

But it will happen, I’m sure about it. But they still need the support from us through UNICEF.

I had been unsure of what good it will do. Does the money go to the right thing, and so on? And it does. I have seen it. Even the small things that make the world for one person, like one football for a boy.

A good school can not only change the community; it can change the world!

    Tess Fallgren