To plan a trip to Madagascar

I pack late, very late.

But I really like to read beforehand about places I’m travelling to. So a week or so ago I went to the Kindle store for my phone to see what was there to read about Madagascar. There was not really that much to read, not in English anyway. I found the Lonely Planet guide, of course, but only in French. There were also a lot of other books in French about Mada, as they seem to call it, but not much for me.

So I started searching the web instead and then it struck me how many articles and books there seemed to be about the wildlife and nature but how few there seemed to me about the people and politics of Madagascar. The most up-to-date info I had was a Unicef report that I got sent to me from Anna Danieli at Unicef. And the second most up to date came from the ever-inspiring National Geographic web page.

National GeographicSo I then went out to my garage for a look if any of the boxes with supposedly every National Geographic magazine ever made that I got from my brother contained anything about Madagascar worth reading. There was, but it was more about looking at the great pictures than the now quite outdated article. The magazine was from 1987. I also found a Brandt guide of the wildlife and ordered it.

So all in all I’m really inspired and ready most of all to hear people’s stories and troubles and really keen to know about the politics. Nature will most definitely also overwhelm me, it always does, but it’s the story of the people I want to try to tell in the coming pictures and texts from Mada (I already feel like I know her a little). Hope you’ll stay with me for a while.


Enzo the dog(My dog is sick, so he’s been on my mind a lot too lately. Love you Enzo).

    Magnus Nord