Two days around Aurangabad

When they contacted me to tell me I had been chosen to participate in this IWitness trip, I could not believe it. What an emotion! The wait before departure seemed endless, but then finally the big day arrived and today it is very difficult to describe how beautiful and intense this travel was.

First official picture with IKEA Italy team, IKEA Switzerland team and UNICEF. Photo by Chiara Buonvino.

We had two days full of activities at the Anganwadi Centres around Aurangabad.

The first day we went to the Anganwadi Centre of the village of Karmad, where the workers showed us pre-school educational activities for children between three and six years. Children are involved in songs and games to facilitate the learning of numbers, sounds, words and psychomotor co-ordination (the relationship between cognitive and physical skills). We just took a few minutes to play with them.

Then we moved to the Anganwadi Centre in Kumblhephal, where we learned about another activity of the workers: meetings with young mothers of children aged from zero to three years. These include many themes such as correct nutrition, hygiene and health but also to know how to recognise the emotions of the child, how to interact and play together to stimulate them at home.

Big selfie in the Anganwadi centre with kids, workers and parents. Photo by Chiara Buonvino.

The second day was different from the first: we were shown in detail the activities created for the children and the training dedicated to workers, and we also tried to participate. It was incredible to see how games and materials useful for development and education can be made from objects we use every day. The thing that fascinated me the most was to see how proud these women are to carry on these activities, among a thousand difficulties and limitations.