Unforgettable smile at this moment

At first, when we arrived at Karondha village, local Indians looked at us curiously. After short brief about our visit, women and girls opened their arms and gave us big smiles.

Women and girls smiled brightly without veils on their faces at Karondha village. Photo by Melinda Huang.

We travelled to home visit on our fifth day trip in India. It took around an hour to get to Karondha on a bumpy road. At first, it seemed all the villagers gathered and welcomed us. Most women covered their faces with veils and were without smiles.

After a short discussion, those Indian women started talking about how difficult their life is…trying to let us know and trying to give us messages about their stories to deliver once we are back in our country. Their smiles just melted away the difficulties of their lives!

Daring to dream her dreams. Photo by Pei Lu.

She looked a bit cool at first. But after I visited her house/room, she pointed at wall and showed me her portfolio of paintings on the wall. She looked very proud of herself. And I took several pictures and looked at her paintings. I realised that she still has dreams for her future. At that moment I hold and squeezed her tightly, trying to tell her that she is the best!

    Melinda Huang