Video: Thank you from UNICEF in Burkina Faso



Hi, I’m Modeste Yameogo. I’m the person at UNICEF responsible for promoting the rights of children in Burkina Faso.

I would love to buy 900,000 soft toys so that all the world’s children could go to school, not just those in Burkina Faso. But how can I do that? It’s a long way from France. The plane ticket costs too much. But I still believe in international solidarity.

Claire: Modeste, here is one of the soft toys that made one euro for UNICEF.

Zinta: Modeste, you are not alone. We will be your ambassadors to support this noble-minded initiative.

Vincent: Modeste, you were just telling me that for every soft toy like this one sold, one euro goes to help children in the world. That’s wonderful.

Sabine: You know Modeste, we are right behind you because we are all citizens of the world.

Xavier: Modeste, we will sell 900,000 soft toys in France to help the world’s children.

Modeste: Brilliant!

Thank you to the IKEA Foundation for this very generous universal initiative to ensure that children have exercise books, pencils, erasers and classrooms and are happy to go to school.

Make sure you let everyone know about it.

    Zinta Kakou