Vietnam mon amour!

This was the title of the contest which I decided, almost casually, to participate in.

The possibility of being able to travel with Save the Children was remote to me, until one day I received a phone call from Milan:

“I speak with Emanuele? I apologize, but the trip to Vietnam is no longer possible. We send you all to Cambodia… is it a problem? ”

My heart stopped.

“Excuse me, but then… I won?!?”

I was euphoric! Finally I could do what I watched with admiration in documentaries since I was a child: going to a place as far as possible to know different people and see a different way of living life.

Living with your host to learn, between similarities and differences, what is important.

This teaching is an invaluable reward that those who engage in humanitarian trips have the honor to bring home with them.

Armed with a camera, I will be able to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and I will have the opportunity to be a witness of all that IKEA has helped to build.

I am grateful for this unexpected opportunity and this convinces me about my theory: around the corner, you never know what to expect.

It’s better to take a look!