We are different, we are the same.

Save the Children’s slogan “we are different; we are the same” impressed me the most today. Teachers here taught us how inclusive education has helped children with disabilities obtain fair and equal education and treatment.

“We are different; we are the same”. Picture by Ella Liao

In places out of our sight, many people are making continuous efforts to promote inclusive education and the importance of education for children. They are working not only with children but also with teachers and parents. They are doing their best to give teachers the most thorough training so that children can slowly learn different ideas from them. In the same way, parents can also teach them more and better ideas in their daily lives.

The inclusive education project helped me understand how Save the Children has teamed up with the IKEA Foundation [and other organisations] to promote education and a wide range of projects to support children. Their strategy is not to work behind closed doors but to start with small things and slowly increase the number of successful examples and share their work with others. It has also slowly changed the stereotype most children, teachers and parents used to have. Moreover, it has deeply influenced the government’s policy, encouraging it to pay more attention to these projects.

I really want to thank Save the Children for their continuous hard work to promote and support these projects. As a member of the IWitness programme, I am happy to share what I heard and saw with friends, family and colleagues around me, so that they can join us to follow these projects and issues.

I believe that other IWitness members will bring back more information to share with our co-workers at IKEA Taiwan.

    Ella Liao