We are on our way to Jordan

We have almost arrived in Amman, Jordan. Our journey starts here, on a plane directed to an unknown country as ambassadors of the IWitness programme to explore a world so different from ours. We are Monica, Dalila and Riad from the Grancia store, as well as Stephanie from Lyssach and Martin from the Service Office in Spreitenbach, Switzerland.

In addition, there will be two people from Canada, Ryan and Dave, joining us. Emotions start playing up as we will finally be going to see how IKEA contributes to improving the lives of many people who had to escape from their homes. Finally, we will better understand the purpose of the humanitarian campaigns that are supported and promoted in our store. Finally, what was until now only a vague idea we can now verify for ourselves. Finally, we have the opportunity to actually meet with them.

We are curious and excited to see how refugees survive in Jordan and to know what they expect from us and what their dreams and concerns about their future are. We don’t know what this trip will actually hold for us; we don’t know how we could change as individuals, but we can’t wait to learn more.

And we invite you to come along with us on this journey!