We go through a jungle to visit schools in Vietnam

It was the second day of our Save the Children trip, and we were looking forward to visiting Son Thuy 2 Primary School and Ta Khuan satellite school. After two hours of a serpentine ride, we were tired, but when we arrived at the school, all the children and teachers welcomed us very warmly and kindly. The children were very happy to see us; they took us by the hands and led us to the school together.

The pupils met delegation from IKEA and Save the Children
The pupils met the delegation from IKEA and Save the Children

We had a meeting with the local officials and school administration to discuss Save the Children’s project. Son Thuy commune is the poorest in Van Ban district, and it is the second year of the project’s implementation in schools. The focus is on improving the quality of education, increasing the involvement of parents, and creating a learning environment that will give children an opportunity to receive a high-quality education. Primary school facilities have improved and provide education to 119 children. A new building was built in 2012 with five nice classrooms added to the school facilities. All the village residents helped in the construction, and children and parents decorated the classrooms.

Children cook rice in bamboo
Children cook rice in bamboo

Over 150 books written and drawn by teachers and kids were printed and distributed among all the schools. They are very happy to have this opportunity to share knowledge with others. The teachers got additional training. Save the Children established a new approach to open lessons – now teachers and officials discuss how to improve the methods of education, engaging every pupil in the learning process instead of just criticizing the teacher. This approach is big difference from the past. It encourages efficiency and builds better relationships between children and teachers, creating a friendly atmosphere in the school.

Tatyana and Alina are drawing with children
Tatyana and Alina are drawing with children

We got so much joy, energy and smiles while we were drawing, dancing, playing and cooking rice with the children. It was so touching and unforgettable!

After lunch with the community, we had to go to Ta Khuan, a satellite school of Son Thuy 2 primary school. We had to cross a bridge in the jungle and then drive motorbikes about one kilometer. The children were so excited to see us, each of them trying to take us and go fast to show us their own desks in the classroom. We were singing Vietnamese songs with the children, playing games and taking part in different activities. We also sang a song about polar bears for the kids and cut out a paper snowflake. The kids are so cute and lovely.

IKEA co workers, Save the Children staff with children from Son Thuy School
IKEA co-workers and Save the Children staff with children from Son Thuy School

The Soft Toys for Education campaign gives many children in the world the opportunity to get an education!