Welcome to Save the Children in the Philippines!

This week our IWitnesses are traveling from their homes in Australia, the Netherlands and India to the Philippines, where they’ll visit Save the Children projects we fund through our Soft Toys for Education campaign. The projects help children with disabilities get a quality education. In this post, Rigil Levya, Save the Children’s Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for Early Childhood Care and Development, tells us more about the troubling issues children with disabilities face.

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Rigil Levya from Save the Children

Children with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups of children in the Philippines, forgotten and neglected by society.

Around 1.4 million children have been diagnosed with some form of disability, and yet only 102,000 of them are in school. Challenges faced by disabled children include lack of medical support for diagnosis and treatment, lack of schools and trained teachers to cater for their needs, and lack of information on disability rights and proper management.

Save the Children’s project Learning Opportunities and Protection in an Inclusive Environment for preschools, supported by the IKEA Foundation, helps children with disabilities access resources and education and, at the same time, be protected from abuse and violence.

These children are provided with proper medical diagnosis through partnerships with the local government and medical professionals. They are prepared for enrollment in school. Communities are also oriented on children’s rights and the role they can play in these children’s holistic growth and development.

This project provides the children in Taguig, Pateros and Paranaque with opportunities and a step towards a brighter future. Every Filipino child has dreams and aspirations, and they have the right to fulfil their potential. This starts with access to education, to be able to play and to belong to a community that upholds their rights. Our IKEA Foundation-funded project is making their dreams a reality.




    Juli Riegler