We’ve arrived in Indonesia!

All night we were flying over the Arabian Peninsula, and after 19 hours of travel we finally reached our destination. Our acquaintance with Indonesia started with Soekarno-Hatta airport. We arrived at 15:45 local time, and Jakarta gave us a really warm welcome. After -1°C and snow in Moscow, here we entered 30°C heat. The air was humid and smelled sweet.


After we passed through immigration and received our visas, we met with our colleagues from Save the children—Fandi and Mia—for the first time. The road to the hotel took us a couple of hours. The road seemed to be made out of concrete blocks covered with asphalt and was bumpy enough. Closer to the city centre, the traffic only got heavier and the street narrower. The most popular vehicles here are motorbikes. They flow around cars like bees, making sharp turns and beeping all around.


We arrived  at the hotel when it was already dark. Tomorrow we will visit children in Cimahi near Bandung.