Who mentioned emotions? (Part II)

In the afternoon, we went to another village where we visited another Child-Friendly Space (CFS). The volunteers were waiting for us to explain what they did and the main needs of the children there. As we were visiting the rooms, we saw two sheets of paper spread on the tables, colouring pencils and children drawing and colouring. When we joined them, we realised how talented they were.

It was a colourful day. Photo by Catarina Amado.
Let’s colour the world together. Photo by Tiago Martins.

As they coloured, we could hear laughter coming from outside. We could hear bamboo canes hitting the ground continuously and rhythmically. They were doing the Bamboo Dance. As soon as we saw the shy, challenging looks darting in our direction, we realised it was an invitation to join in! Naturally, they were all much better than us, but we did our best and we even got them to laugh at the clumsy way our feet went between the canes, in a mixture of happiness and a fear of falling. They made us feel like children, and we were very happy children with all of them.

Bamboo Dance. Photo by André Miranda.
A shy baby aged two years old. Photo by Sabrina Ponte.
Photo by André Miranda.

In the end, our drawing was a fantastic present to bring back home, as well as all the emotions and sensations they gave us, naturally!

The best gift that we could receive. Photo by José Casimiro.
Photo by José Casimiro.
A grandfather carrying a child. Photo by Catarina Amado.
Everyone that make this project work.

We visited two different centres that had a lot in common: children whose parents couldn’t be present, but who have people who support them, children who now have new opportunities through the support given in the field by NWCCW, UNICEF and the IKEA Foundation, children who will surely become better adults and have more opportunities. Volunteers who give up their own time to help each child develop and to involve each one of them in all the activities. What a day!