Why we need to improve education in Angola

Our next group of IWitness Global Citizens is off to Angola to visit UNICEF projects funded by our Soft Toys for Education campaign. Today we have a wonderful post by Désiré Adomou, Education Specialist at UNICEF Angola, about why education is so important.


My name is Désiré Adomou, and I joined UNICEF Angola four months ago as an education specialist. My current areas of focus include early childhood education and teacher training.

As a youngster, I witnessed first-hand the difference that quality education can make in someone’s life, drawing from the experiences of my own relatives. Early on, I understood that education not only transforms lives but also gives those who are “blessed” with schooling a certain leverage that people who lack academic training do not necessarily possess. As result of this awareness, I decided not only to pursue quality education for myself but also to help others do the same.

Consequently, over my 23 years of professional experience in the field of education, I always feel a sense of personal gratification whenever my students or trainees achieve a major academic milestone. Unfortunately, achieving such academic milestones remains a luxury for scores of Angolan children because of the poor quality of education, one of the results of close to three decades of civil war.

I feel gratified at being part of UNICEF -Angola because of its relentless efforts to help the Angolan ministries in charge of education and social welfare in their endeavours to foster quality education that is accessible to ALL children. We’re working hard to provide Angolan children with that priceless chance that children in other parts of the world take for granted.


Understandably, UNICEF’s ability to improve the quality of education in Angola is only possible because of the generosity of partners like the IKEA Foundation, and I cannot help expressing my sincere gratitude for all the IKEA Foundation does to help promote a better world filled with educated minds.

    Juli Riegler