It’s 2021 and we’re on the brink of something huge

Earth is at a pivotal point in history. Sea levels are rising, drought is affecting crops, millions are displaced by climate change and COVID-19 is increasing inequality. Things have come to a tipping point, and the choices we make this decade are going to be crucial for generations to come.

So we need to make a choice. A choice for our planet. Let’s take a pledge together to put our home front and centre in every decision we make.

COP26, the UN Climate Conference, is a critical milestone for the world. Here, we can address the two greatest threats to children’s futures: climate change and poverty. A choice for the planet should always be inclusive. In other words, climate action must become an opportunity for economies and communities to thrive.

That’s why, at COP26, we’re calling on governments, philanthropy, finance and business to work together. Only through unprecedented collaboration can we achieve the greatest impact.

By supporting planet-first policies and investments, we can change the way our systems work for the better. And if we work together as people, leaders, politicians and decision makers, we can finally reconcile our economy with the future of our home!

We all have a role to play through the choices we make. Our day-to-day decisions shape our world. We choose where to live or work, whether to cycle or recycle, to reduce or reuse. We choose to avoid using plastic or to volunteer in our community.

We choose what to eat and what to throw away, what to buy and who to vote for. Your choices as a consumer, citizen, professional and voter matter. So let’s choose better. Let’s #ChooseThePlanet!

Learn what we are already doing right now.