Learning how to do things better is at the heart of our culture. We believe there are always ways to improve, so we can increase our impact for people and the planet.

As part of this, we use monitoring and evaluation to learn with our partners and with other funders. We ask our partners to consider lessons from research and evaluations when they apply for funding from us, and we commission independent evaluations of our own work. We’re committed to sharing what we’ve learned and what our partners have achieved through our investments.


  • We Mean Business Coalition

    This 2020 evaluation considered the programmatic priorities, operation and governance of We Mean Business, a coalition launched in 2014 to support businesses to accelerate climate action.

  • The Disha Programme in India

    The Disha programme was launched in 2015 to economically empower one million women in India. This 2020 report evaluated the programme’s impact on participants and its sustainability.

  • The IKEA Foundation’s work in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia

    In 2019 the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford undertook a retrospective evaluation of the impact of programmes the IKEA Foundation has supported in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia.