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IKEA Foundation announces partnership with SELCO Foundation to bring renewable energy to underserved communities
May 09, 2018
3 mins
How the IKEA Foundation Provides Power To The People Who Need It Most
April 22, 2018
4 mins
In memory of our founder, Ingvar Kamprad
January 29, 2018
2 mins
Deteriorating crisis in Kalémie, Democratic Republic of Congo, draws the attention of IKEA Foundation which urges other funders to step forward
November 23, 2017
3 mins
Azraq, the world’s first refugee camp powered by renewable energy
May 17, 2017
3 mins
What Design Can Do Teams Up with IKEA Foundation and Autodesk Foundation for Global Climate Action Challenge
April 22, 2017
4 mins
The IKEA Foundation calls on funders to step up and save lives in Yemen
February 23, 2017
6 mins
Why IKEA Foundation’s flatpack refugee shelter won design of the year
January 27, 2017
1 min
IKEA Foundation and MSF: New effort to assist people displaced by conflict in the Borno region in Nigeria
December 01, 2016
4 mins
IKEA and IKEA Foundation get the world playing to support children’s rights
November 18, 2016
5 mins
IKEA Foundation to help Save the Children and MSF save thousands of children’s lives during catastrophic disasters
October 17, 2016
3 mins
How business and philanthropy can take a lead in responding to humanitarian and refugee crises
August 19, 2016
5 mins