Making clean air a human right

Clean Air Fund Climate Action

Air pollution affects everyone’s health, especially that of young children. Outdoor air pollution is linked to 4.2 million deaths per year, while its most prominent sources—transport, the power sector and industrial emissions—also contribute to drastic climate change.

Improving air quality reduces the risk of people suffering serious illness and premature death, which means that more children and families can enjoy healthy, active and productive lives.

During Climate Week 2019, the IKEA Foundation is announcing a new partnership with the Clean Air Fund. Our aim at the IKEA Foundation is to create a better everyday life for families, and fight and cope with climate change. The partnership with the Clean Air Fund will address both issues by tackling air pollution and accelerating climate action.

Climate Week launch

On 24 September, the Clean Air Fund officially launched during Climate Week with a new report outlining the state of Global Philanthropy on Air Quality.

The report paints a very clear picture that the current level of funding directed to the issue is not proportional to the scale of the problem. Although work is being done on the ground to link climate change and air quality, much more is needed. Per Heggenes, CEO of the IKEA Foundation, said: “We believe that clean air is a fundamental human right. That’s why we are extremely proud to be partnering with the Clean Air Fund to help achieve their vision of a world where everyone can breathe clean air.”

More information: Clean Air Fund


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