Climate Action

Buildings as a window of opportunity for climate action


Buildings are responsible for 36% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Almost half of building-related emissions come from the production of materials like cement, steel and glass, and from construction, retrofitting and demolition. We need to transition to low carbon materials and energy production.

#BuildingLife is a project by our new partner, the World Green Building Council. It brings together professionals and stakeholders from across Europe’s construction industry to adopt zero carbon targets and create national roadmaps for reaching them. It will also help set standards for reporting on whole-life carbon emissions to inform investors’ decisions.

Lifecycle of a building

Cristina Gamboa, CEO, World Building Council, says: “We cannot achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and deliver a climate neutral Europe unless we tackle the environmental impacts—both carbon and resource-related—across the entire lifecycle of a building.

“With #BuildingLife we will work with industry leaders and European and national policymakers to fully decarbonise our sector by moving towards a whole lifecycle approach.”

Green housing solutions

It is essential to address the total impact of the building sector and make progress towards the European Green Deal’s aim of a climate neutral Europe by 2050.

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