Climate Action

Could your team evaluate a global climate strategy?

The IKEA Foundation is seeking an organisation or team qualified to design and carry out an impact evaluation of the global climate strategy developed by our partner Health Care Without Harm (HCWH).

HCWH is working to transform healthcare worldwide so that it becomes the cornerstone of a low-carbon economy. 

In 2019, it began to implement a five-year global climate strategy that aims to decarbonise the healthcare sector, which is responsible for 4.4% of global emissions. 

At the same time, it seeks to build greater climate resilience in the sector and mobilise hospitals, health systems and health professionals as climate champions.

What are HCWH’s strategy goals?

HCWH’s global climate strategy has three key goals:

  • Mitigation: to decarbonise the footprint of health care.
  • Resilience: to prepare hospitals and communities for climate impacts
  • Leadership: to leverage the moral, political and economic influence of the healthcare sector to move policies and markets.

Elizabeth McKeon, Head of Portfolio (Climate Action) at the IKEA Foundation, says: “This strategy offers a much-needed sign of hope, innovation and action on climate for the many people who rely on the healthcare sector, particularly in communities that are vulnerable to climate change.

“We welcome creative and innovative approaches to documenting the impact of the strategy and informing HCWH’s future direction.”

Find out how to apply by downloading our request for proposals (RFP) document.