Climate Action

Finance and corporates: Let’s talk climate

As urgent climate deadlines set by the Paris Agreement in 2015 draw closer, many companies remain reluctant to change their business models to reduce emissions. At the same time, it can be difficult for governments and investors to know which companies are genuinely taking climate action and which ones are just talking about it.

That’s why we are pleased to announce our partnership with InfluenceMap, which supports and guides willing companies—and increases the pressure on reluctant companies—to take meaningful climate action.
InfluenceMap empowers investors, corporations, the media and campaigners with data-driven analysis on critical issues associated with climate change and the energy transition.

InfluenceMap supports and guides companies to take meaningful climate action

Positive climate leadership

Via its Corporate Climate Lobbying platform InfluenceMap analyses how large companies are influencing climate debate and policy. It uses its findings to strengthen trust and credibility in positive climate leadership in the corporate sector, while calling out rhetoric and factual inaccuracies.

For example, it recently created FinanceMap to help asset owners and individual investors better understand the fund-management sector on climate change.

In fewer than five years, InfluenceMap has created significant change with those who use its data, such as over 80 asset owners and managers and 20 global corporations.

The IKEA Foundation is committed to protecting the planet, and since large corporations are responsible for a big part of global greenhouse gas emissions, we believe they also need to make the biggest changes. That’s why we are partnering with InfluenceMap to support and guide companies to take meaningful climate action.