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IKEA Foundation launches new Green Entrepreneurship Initiative

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Does your organisation work to advance green entrepreneurship as a means of helping people improve their employment and livelihoods while protecting the planet? Could your programme serve as a model for others to follow?

We’re requesting proposals for our Green Entrepreneurship Initiative from independent organisations seeking to implement robust, multi-year programmes in this field.

Successful applicants will receive a grant of up to €1.5 million to implement their programme. We will provide  additional financial and technical support to conduct a rigorous impact and cost-effectiveness evaluation to help develop scalable models. 

Why green entrepreneurship?

Our current economic models have generated wealth and created employment. But this has come at a huge cost of increased social and economic inequalities and rapid environmental degradation.

There is a 20-80% shortfall in work opportunities in many countries, with more young people entering the labour market every year. At the same time, we are currently consuming resources of close to two planet Earths. This model of growth and consumption is clearly unsustainable.

We believe that green entrepreneurship is one of the pathways towards greener and more inclusive economies. 

Fair and sustainable economies

We’re delighted to launch our Green Entrepreneurship Initiative to support organisations to generate evidence for scalable models for employment, livelihoods and environmental improvements through green entrepreneurship. Through this initiative, we will work to support entrepreneurship ecosystems and green entrepreneurs build fair, just and sustainable economies that benefit families and protect the planet for future generations

Vivek Singh – Head of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Portfolio at the IKEA Foundation

Find out more about our Green Entrepreneurship Initiative and how to apply by downloading our request for proposal (RFP) document.

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