Most things remain to be done

City AM ranking Europe

The IKEA Foundation is Europe’s ninth biggest private charity donor according to the City A.M. annual charity index, published at the end of last year in its Giving magazine.

The ranking is based on independent research into the world’s top private donors. In the financial year 2018, the IKEA Foundation gave EUR 175 million—an increase of 22% on the previous year.

“It is nice to be recognised for the work we do with our partners to help improve the lives of children and youth living in poverty,” said Per Heggenes, IKEA Foundation CEO. “However, as we look forward to 2020, it’s important to acknowledge that most things remain to be done. We will be building on the foundations laid by our new strategy and stepping up our efforts to help as many children as possible have the chance to look forward to a brighter future.”

Working together

The two strategic commitments that guide the IKEA Foundation’s grantmaking are helping families living in poverty afford a better everyday life and protecting the planet.

Patricia Atkinson, Chief Program Officer at the IKEA Foundation, said: “We know that no organisation can achieve this alone, which is why we advocate for unprecedented collaboration between businesses, civil society, governments and individuals.

“Together with a community of strong strategic partners, we are working to transform global systems to benefit the many rather than the few, while protecting the planet for future generations.”

Looking forward to 2020

It’s ten years since the IKEA Foundation set out on its mission to create a better everyday life for the many people. Since then, we have given more than €1 billion in grants to organisations around the world to make this vision a reality.

In 2020, we will be keeping up the momentum for bold climate action with partners including We Mean Business and the Clean Air Fund. At the same time, we are supporting viable alternatives to fossil fuels, working with organisations like SELCO Foundation to make sure no one is left behind in the transition to renewable energy.

With new partners such as Commonland we are preparing the ground for farming that restores the environment, improves farmers’ yields and increases resilience to climate change. And we are funding partners like Generation and Going to School, that help young people develop the skills and mindset they need to thrive in today’s challenging employment market.

We will also empower refugees and their host communities to improve their incomes and become self-reliant. Our partnerships will focus on rural communities and cities in four countries in East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia.