Agricultural Livelihoods

Planting trees builds farmers’ resilience to climate change

“Trees are very important,” says Florence Nanjala, a smallholder farmer in Kibuke, Kenya. “They help with shade and they bring rain. I think of trees as a long-term investment — you never know when you are going to need them.”

When Florence first received tree seeds from One Acre Fund, she planted a few to mark the boundary of her farm. She didn’t think much more about them.

But a few years later, a drought damaged her harvest which left her was struggling to feed and pay school fees for her eight children. To make ends meet, she sold some of her trees — and she was shocked by how much income they brought. Florence was able to feed her family and cover their expenses that season.

Protecting the land

Since then, Florence has planted many more trees on her farm. They allow her to make maximum use of her land, since maize can be planted beneath her trees.

The trees also prevent erosion; tree roots hold the soil in place and prevent the fertile topsoil from being washed away. Florence takes pride in knowing that by planting trees, she is doing her part to fight climate change.

Thriving families, healthy environments

One Acre Fund and the IKEA Foundation are working in partnership to reach 1.25 million smallholder farmers like Florence in Rwanda and Kenya. Together, we are helping farmers create the conditions for rich harvests, thriving families and healthy environments. 

One Acre Fund provides farmers with a complete service package that enables them to increase their farm income. This includes training on crop-diversification and soil health, climate resilient seeds, tree saplings and crop insurance.

By helping farmers to access resources and training to generate more income, our partnership is helping them cope with climate change, and create a better and more secure life for their families. All while protecting the environment they rely on.