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Safe water saves lives

In 2015, IKEA Foundation gave €120 million to support children’s programmes in some of the world’s poorest communities. Our partnership with Water.org is just one example of how we are creating Circles of Prosperity for children and families all over the world!

To celebrate World Water Day, we are sharing the story of our partnership with Water.org, and announcing a grant for €12.4 million. This grant will greatly expand Water.org’s WaterCredit model and help families in Indonesia and India gain access to small affordable loans so they can get safe water and sanitation.

IKEA Foundation is setting the bar for how companies can help drive the critical innovation needed to end the water and sanitation crisis,” said Gary White, Water.org Co-Founder and CEO.

A healthy start for children

Safe water IKEA Foundation

Four-year-old Arjah, who lives in Jakarta, is one child who has benefited from our support for Water.org. Arjah loves bathing and playing with water—but until recently her family did not have proper drainage in their bathroom. This meant it was unhygienic and often flooded, increasing the risk of diseases. Watch our video  to see the difference having clean water and proper sanitation has made to Arjah and her family.

Building Circles of Prosperity

How we were able to help Arjah is just one highlight from a remarkable journey last year,” explains Per Heggenes, CEO of IKEA Foundation. “We provided €120 million in grants to our 49 partners in 2015, part of our €1 billion commitment through 2020. By addressing children’s fundamental needs—for home, health, education and a sustainable family income—we are helping them to create better futures for themselves and their families, while helping their communities overcome the impacts of climate change.”

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