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Climate Action investors

Responsible investment is vital to protecting our planet and its people. With an estimated $2.4 trillion needed annually for our energy system to transform into one that safely limits global warming, financial institutions have a critical role to play in investment decisions. IKEA Foundation partner ShareAction does too.

And as partners, we are excited to commission an evaluation of ShareAction’s programme and operations. We need experts to assess how ShareAction’s activities create—or can do more to create—a planet-friendly financial system. If other responsible investment organisations have overlapping or duplicating activities, we also want to learn about them. Plus, we seek recommendations for how ShareAction can better achieve and amplify its impacts.

Our request for proposals is open to applicants with a track record in analysing and strengthening organisational theories of change. Candidates should have at least 12 years of experience conducting evaluations or research projects. We expect expertise in responsible investment and the financial sector as well as familiarity with climate finance and evidence-based theory of change. Interested parties are welcome to submit a proposed budget with their application.

About ShareAction
ShareAction advocates for greater financial sector regulation and higher global standards on climate finance. It works with policymakers and financial institutions to prevent greenwashing, ensure investors take meaningful action and promote climate performance disclosures.

To learn more, download the Terms of Reference: Theory of Change and Operational Evaluation for ShareAction. Note that complete proposals must be submitted by 3 March 2021.