Climate Action

Transition to net zero: making sure no one is left behind

Countries in Europe are gradually moving away from fossil fuels towards an energy system based on renewables and high energy efficiency. But how can we make sure everyone benefits?

An important part of the solution is to listen to those who could stand to lose out. That’s why we’re supporting Fair Energy Transition for All, a project that gathers the views of families on low incomes and people who work in the fossil fuel sector in nine European countries.

A just transition

Although the European Commission and national governments are working hard to make the European economy more climate-friendly, many climate policies overlook the most vulnerable people.

The Fair Energy Transition for All paves the way for a socially just transition to a low-carbon future by and for the many people. It does this by giving a voice to communities that are in danger of being left behind, to help climate policymakers deliver a future where all families enjoy a better everyday life.

Hear all the voices

At the core of the project are people whose interests are often not properly represented in political debates. For this reason, the Fair Energy Transition for All will hold debates in nine European countries involving 1,000 citizens and 200 experts from all over Europe.

It will then publish a series of national reports and a European report, offering insights into what vulnerable groups think about the energy transition. The reports will set out how best to develop and communicate fair energy transition policies and call on national and EU legislators to take these recommendations into account.

Fair and inclusive

Liz McKeon, Head of the Climate Action portfolio at the IKEA Foundation, said: “One of our key priorities is to ensure a transition to a cleaner, greener, sustainable planet. We believe this will only be possible if all people have the opportunity to participate in the energy transition, and to benefit from it.

“In this way, the energy transition opens up to be just, fair and inclusive, leaving no one behind.”

The King Baudouin Foundation is coordinating a consortium of European foundations to pave the way for a fair energy transition in Europe: IKEA Foundation, Fondazione Cariplo, Stiftung Mercator, Open Society European Policy Institute and Deutsche Bundestiftung Umwelt. The Network of European Foundations (NEF) is managing the administrative aspects of this fair energy transition project.

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