Take action

The right time to do right is always right now

We know that the challenges ahead can sometimes seem overwhelming. But there are things we can do to help make sure families have bright futures on a liveable planet.

Here are a just few ideas – there are so many other things we can do. Remember, every action, no matter how small, can help.


Support refugee entrepreneurs with loans

Small loans can help refugees improve their living conditions or grow a business to support their families. Find out more through organisations like Kiva.

Donate your frequent flier miles

Your air miles can help reunite refugees with their families. Find out how.

Make your own compost

Compost your food waste and use it to improve the soil in a community garden, or your own, if you have one.

Buy local, seasonal foods

Cook meals using ingredients that are available in your region and season.

Avoid using plastic

Whenever you can, avoid buying food in plastic packaging, plastic water bottles and plastic toothbrushes. And giving up smoking is good for the planet as well as your health. Cigarette filters and electronic cigarettes are also a big source of plastic pollution.

Volunteer on an organic farm

Why not plan a team retreat with your colleagues or volunteer as part of a family vacation? Look for a farm near you.

Be more respectful to the environment

Drive and fly less, eat less meat and use fewer toxic products.

Buy energy efficient appliances

If it’s time to replace an old appliance, such as a washing machine, make sure your new one has an Energy Star label (A+++ label).

Eliminate "phantom loads"

Unplug devices when not in use or put them on a power strip that you can turn off. Avoid standby. Appliances use electricity even when they are "off".

Pick a 100% renewable energy supplier

Ask your electricity supplier what options are available for you. If you can choose your own energy supplier, pick one that uses 100% renewable power resources, like solar, wind, low-impact hydroelectric or geothermal. In some places, instead of choosing a specific electricity supplier, you can support renewable energy by paying a small premium on your bill.

Invest in solar

If it’s possible, why not consider investing in solar panels for yourself. An alternative is to look for local solar or wind energy projects. They often have the ability for shared supply.