Agricultural Livelihoods

We are committed to helping people build a better life from planet-positive agriculture in East Africa and India.

A photo from the Food and Land Use Coalition of women working in the communally managed village fields of Sagai forest in Narmada district, Gujarat, India. ©Loke/Gujarat/2020

Farming is one of the world’s most important professions. Yet most smallholder farmers in East Africa and India are living in poverty, held back by exploitative agri-food systems. These systems are damaging the land, depleting the soil, polluting water supplies and contributing to extreme weather. And as it becomes more difficult to earn a living from farming, people are leaving rural areas.

But the world’s growing population needs to be fed. This is only possible if we take care of the land so it can produce nutritious food, support productive farms and sustain healthy communities and economies.

We think agriculture is a great sector of growth and innovation, where farmers are the change agents and leaders of the future. But they need support to build food systems that are fair, resilient and equitable. That’s why we focus on testing, sharing and scaling up planet-positive farming methods. These are regenerative and circular agricultural practices that restore biodiversity, return nutrients to the soil and minimise waste.

At the same time, we want to include everyone who grows and produces food in the decisions that affect them, helping to improve incomes and livelihoods. We’re supporting our partners to empower rural communities to transform agriculture and lead a green revolution, where people and planet thrive together.

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