Our response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global health crisis, and we are responding in several ways. At the IKEA Foundation, we believe that everyone’s number one priority should be to look after their family and loved ones, and to stay home wherever possible to stop the virus from spreading. With this in mind, we are talking to our partners about the best ways to progress on the programmes we are funding and how we can help them during this crisis.

Some of our programmes are already working to help people affected by COVID-19, and we are committing up to €10 million to help fund their incredible, life-saving work. We are also talking to our partners about how the pandemic may affect their long-term programmes to protect the planet from climate change and to help families afford a better everyday life. We believe that these programmes are more important than ever before. We know that many of our partners and the communities they serve are facing extraordinary difficulties, and we are committed to supporting them in finding extraordinary solutions.

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