Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people.

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Our mission

To improve the lives of vulnerable children by enabling their families to create sustainable livelihoods, and fight and cope with climate change.

The IKEA Foundation has granted €1.8 billion for people and the planet so far.

Our focus


We’re committed to helping families living in poverty and people who have been forced to flee their homes to build sustainable livelihoods. We see great opportunities in regenerative agriculture, green enterprise and the productive use of renewable energy.


We’re committed to bold climate action to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to helping vulnerable communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Latest news

Noah Horowitz, Clean Cooling Collaborative: "We need to be a lot smarter in how we build things and how we use them.”
May 19, 2023
7 mins
25,000 Health Facilities Across India are Transforming Public Health Systems to address Growing Critical Climate Issues
April 07, 2023
5 mins
The IKEA Foundation commits €10 million to provide emergency assistance in Türkiye and northern Syria
February 08, 2023
3 mins
Swedish nonprofit Better Shelter provides 5000 emergency shelters funded by the IKEA Foundation, to the earthquake response in Türkiye and Syria and urges others to support 
February 13, 2023
4 mins
Mary Nyaruai, Nyungu Afrika: “I hope that people start paying attention to black women innovators”
April 28, 2023
8 mins

Our Grants

Find out about the partners we fund and the amount, duration and scope of our grants.

Our Learnings

Learning how to do things better is at the heart of our culture. We believe there are always ways to improve, so we can increase our impact for people and the planet.

African Climate Foundation


We build long-term, strategic partnerships with both large and small organisations. Together with our partners, we develop innovative solutions and work to change complex systems, so they benefit the many people and protect our planet.

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